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1.1 The use of this web site (the “Web site”) shall be governed by the present General Terms and Conditions (the “Conditions”).

1.2 These Conditions shall be applicable solely and exclusively to this Web site. Whenever users click on one of the links on the Web site to access another, their use, browsing and interaction with other web sites will be subject to the general terms and conditions indicated in each case for each site.

1.3 We ask all our users to read the present General Terms and Conditions carefully. Any use or browsing of our Web site will automatically imply your acceptance of these Conditions. Anyone who does not agree with them should refrain from accessing the Web site and from using its contents.



2.1 ATU Duty Free (ATU) undertakes to guarantee the relevance and quality of the information published on the Web site but does not guarantee that this meets the requirements of users.

2.2 For technical reasons, regular maintenance needs to be carried out and this may cause scheduled (or unscheduled) outages. As a result, we cannot guarantee that this Web site will always be available nor that users will enjoy any particular response time in terms of the specific sections or functions.

2.3 ATU Duty Free declines any and all liability for potential harm or losses suffered by users of the Web site.


3.Users’ liability with regard to their use of the Web site

3.1 Users may only view and use this Web site in accordance with these Conditions and, in any case, for legitimate and appropriate purposes, including compliance with all legislation, regulations and professional codes of conduct.

3.2 In particular, users accept and undertake as follows:

(a) not to publish, transmit or disclose any information that may be considered harmful, obscene, libellous or, in any way whatsoever, illegal on or through the Web site;

(b) not to use the Web site in such a way as to infringe the rights of ATU Duty Free or any third party;

(c) not to use any software, routines, programmes, applications or devices of any kind (whether hardware or software) to interfere, or attempt to interfere, electronically or manually in the operation of the Web site, including, by way of example but without limitation, the uploading into the Web site by any means of files containing false data or viruses;

(d) not to alter or even simply to try to alter or modify the appearance and organizational structure of the Web site;

(e) not to perform any actions that may imply an excessive or disproportionate burden for the Web site and its infrastructure;

(f) not to obtain, or try to obtain, unauthorized access to any of our networks by any means.

3.3 ATU Duty Free reserves the right to interrupt and close down access to and use of the Web site at any moment by those users failing to respect the present Conditions.


4.Intellectual property rights

4.1 All brands, trademarks, distinctive signs, domain names, copyright, other rights relating to databases and other intellectual property rights (taken together, the “Rights”) over the materials on the Web site (as well as its structure and layout), the rights over the software programmes used for the look and feel and the operation of the Web site (“Software”) shall remain the property of ATU Duty Free and/or our licensees.

4.2 Without prejudice to the contents of paragraph 4.4 below, unless prior written authorization is obtained from ATU Duty Free, users may not copy, reproduce, modify, alter, publish, transmit, distribute, display, send, sell, transfer or pass on, in whole or in part, in any way whatsoever or using any means, any of the material on the Web site nor its corresponding Software.

4.3 The contents of the various pages on the Web site may not be distributed, displayed or copied by or for third parties, including, by way of example, “caching” or “mirroring” any Web site material.

4.4 The contents of individual pages included on this Web site may be printed or downloaded onto a physical medium for private and personal use but not for any commercial purpose. Users will be authorized to make a provisional copy in electronic memory of the page’s contents in order to be able to examine it only while connected to the Internet.

4.5 Without prior authorization in writing, users are not allowed to carry out any of the following acts:

(a) remove any mention of registered marks or trade marks from the copies of the present Conditions;

(b) create an electronic or manual database through the systematic downloading and recording of any contents.


5.Changes to the present Conditions

5.1 ATU Duty Free reserves the right, at its entire discretion, to improve or alter any part of the Web site, including the present Conditions, therefore all users are invited to consult these regularly. The date of the latest version is shown at the foot of the text. Therefore, should users wish to verify the possible existence of changes with respect to the last time they visited the Web site, they may do so easily by checking the date of the latest version.


6.1 The present Conditions regulate solely and exclusively users’ use and browsing of this Web site.

7.Data protection and privacy

7.1 Any personal information furnished by users while visiting the Web site will be used in accordance with the ATU Duty Free Privacy Policy contained herein.