Who We Are

ATU DUTY FREE is proudly ranked among the top 100 companies in Türkiye as well as the top 15 travel retail companies worldwide. With our portfolio of outstanding duty and tax-free stores, exquisite brand boutiques, unique concept stores and subcontracted stores, we continue to expand to new horizons.

Our Business

ATU DUTY FREE welcomes millions of travellers around the globe each day, serving them with the world’s most desirable brands through a portfolio of sparkling duty and tax free shops, brand boutiques, concept stores and sub-contracted stores.

Set up as a joint venture between TAV Airports and UNIFREE Duty Free/Gebr. Heinemann in 1999, ATU DUTY FREE has grown exponentially to become one of the major players in the airport retail market.

Our Strategy

ATU DUTY FREE carries out field research, surveys and employs advanced data analysis tools to convert customer response and behavior into sales campaigns, promotions and activities that stimulate purchase.

Moreover, with in depth analysis of customer data, we cross-check and verify shifts in customer profiles established in research, to better adapt to changing conditions.

Our Structure

ATU DUTY FREE is a joint venture between TAV Airports Holding and UNIFREE Duty Free/Gebr. Heinemann.

Our close-knit, dedicated, highly proficient and innovative value chain is of maximal importance when it comes to delivering the most compelling retail experience for our travellers.

Our Success

From a modest beginning with an 80 square meters store in Istanbul, ATU DUTY FREE today operates over 25,000 square feet of retail space in 21 airports spanning 6 countries around the world.

With our headquarters in Istanbul, we are an international powerhouse, employing over 1900 people across the globe and serving more than 79 million passengers annually.

ATÜ Duty Free/Ceo – Ersan Arcan

Words from our CEO

Passenger numbers are growing and per-passenger spending is increasing, making for a brighter future for those companies that can meet the needs of an increasingly demanding airport customer.

Travellers are looking for more engaging store designs and products. Shopping in airports has become part of their travel plans, but only if we give them the experience they desire.

We stand committed to developing innovative store concepts, designs, product portfolios and customer service that deliver an outstanding retail experience. We are investing in leading-edge payment systems and technology throughout our business, ensuring that we remain state-of-the-art in responding to customer demands. 

We relentlessly and carefully research what our customers want and analyze the data of what they purchase to keep product offerings fresh and compelling. The information we collect is converted into a constantly changing mix of products, achieving both diversity and stability of products that customers expect every time they visit duty free.

As a result, ATU is seen as an exclusive partner by many of the world’s most prestigious brands. As proud of our product mix as we are, we are even prouder of the sales associates we attract and train. Retaining the top sales force in the industry is a priority at ATU, because people are key to delivering and inspiring retail experience for our customers.

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