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Working At ATU

We employ, motivate and retain the most qualified employees in airport retail, match them with the best suited jobs and provide comprehensive training and development. Moreover, we strive to identify high-potential employees and guide them to higher positions.

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Providing Outstanding Service



Taking Responsibility



Respecting Differences



Development of Self and Others



Possessing a Fighting Spirit



Cooperation and Solidarity



Eager to Innovation in Industry and Market

Team Leaders

Our team leaders  provides guidance, instruction, direction and leadership to the team for the purpose of achieving group of aligned results.

Team Goals

We contribute to local employment by hiring the most talented people. We then put them through our world-class training and career programs.

For A Happier Work Life

Happy Employees

For A Better Work Life

Birthday leave

English language education

Advantageous university cooperation

Deals at discount points



Performance bonus & instant reward

Health insurance

If You Want To Be A Candidate

We bring unique talents to our family, believe in the diversity of different cultures and invest in our future at all airports we exist around the world.

If you want to be a part of our family, you can share your current CV with the human resources team via happycareer@atu.com.tr.

From the moment you become a candidate, a recruitment process where you will feel the “Happy ATU Culture”. You will continue to experience this culture with the help of the adaptation program specially designed for you and a “Buddy” assigned to you from the moment your career starts at ATU.

We fulfill your development needs in your career journey through ATU Retail Institute where we manage the for all operations in Turkey and abroad from the Istanbul Center Office. Our training programs consist of foreign language, personal development and technical training with an internal instructor staff of 80 people, as well as professional trainers. It continues with supporting processes such as coaching and mentoring.

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Dynamic Workforce

Happy Employee, Happy Customer, Happy ATU Culture

Assignments in different countries / cities are at the center of our lives and keep us vigorous. Your career that started as a sales specialist, can continue as team leader or operations manager in different countries.

  • Ali Murat Şen

    He started his ATU career as a sales and payment consultant at Ataturk Airport and took on managerial responsibilities in the store. In 2003, he was appointed as a human resources specialist by applying to the internal announcement published by the human resources department. Afterwards, he worked as human resources director and human resources manager respectively. Between 2017, he transferred to ATU group company TAV Holding as human resources coordinator. He is currently working as the training, development and management systems coordinator at ATU.

  • Ali Zan

    He started his career in 2009 as a Sales and Payment Consultant at ATU. Later, he continued his career in different categories at Istanbul Atatürk Airport and assumed management duties in the store. During this period, besides his current duties, he took part in different projects within the company as an Internal Coach and Internal Trainer. Also Gebr. He was included in the Talent Management 2017 program organized by Heimann. He has been working as Operations Manager in Medina since 2019.

  • Büşra Taymaz

    She started her career in ATU as a Human Resources Business Partner in 2015 and then worked as a Human Resources Manager in charge of the management of the Global HR Business Partnership team. Currently, She is holding the position of Senior HR Partner Global responsible for Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Near East and Scandinavian countries at Gebr Heinemann's head office Hamburg, which is one of ATU's partners.

  • Emre Kurtlar

    He started his ATU career in 2000 at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. After working in different sales staff and store concepts in the Istanbul operations team, he again assumed different executive roles in Istanbul. He has been working as İzmir Regional Operations Manager since 2015.

  • Hande Balaban

    She started her career at ATÜ in 2004 and took on managerial responsibilities in the operation. Also Gebr. Included in the "Talent Management 2017" program organized by Heinemann. He is currently working as Celine Store Manager in ATU Boutiques Operation.

  • Murat Çınar

    He started his ATU career in 2000 as a Sales and Payment Consultant at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. After working in different sales staff and store concepts in the Istanbul operation team, he again took different managerial roles in Istanbul. He has been working as the North Macedonia Operations Manager since 2015.

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Team Awards

  • Heinemannschaft Sales Competition (September)
  • Heinemannschaft Sales Competition (October)
  • La Prairie Diamond Award 
  • Clarins E-Pro Contest
  • IPAD Award
  • Heinemannschaft ‘Feel the Summer’ Seasonal Sales Competition (May)
  • Heinemannschaft ‘Feel the Summer’ Seasonal Sales Competition (June)