About Us

Our Key Differentiators

Our creativity and commitment to quality drive over 665 million Euros in annual sales at 120 stores, covering 32,000 square meters of retail space and spanning 20 airports in 7 countries. More than 2100 team members employed worldwide, serve over 79 million customers annually.










Our impressive track record bears witness to our aptitude for successfully managing stores and providing innovative and premium merchandising concepts and designs. Our novel design concepts and advanced management procedures never fail to generate superior results.


We want all our stores to reflect our passion for great design, lighting, colour, clear navigation, rich product range and accessibility. All our designs are intended to reflect the leisurely day out shopping feeling and enhance our customers’ feel good experience.


We are a leading worldwide operator and we got to be that way by respecting, honoring and promoting the national heritage of our host countries and the merchandise that represents the best of what each country, and local city, offers. We honour, support and work to promote the cultural heritage of each country in which we operate. 


We are a leading worldwide operator, constantly aiming to exceed all expectations of the airport retail experience. In each region we operate, we devise custom solutions based on comprehensive research and thorough, methodological approaches grounded in long years of experience.


Never stop

We are well placed to develop our portfolio further as we continue to provide airport passengers with comfortable and compelling shopping experiences, and we are encouraged by the higher standards and demands for quality at the airports with which we partner.

Customer oriented approach

Our exclusive synthesis of innovative culture, industry-specific expertise and customer oriented approach has earned us a globally recognized and ever-increasing reputation for excellence.

Design is the key

Our team of world-class designers and merchandisers possesses the skills, innovation and imagination to develop a unique retail proposition for each location that goes well beyond customer expectations.

Catching premium

Distancing ourselves from traditional models and creating premium retail areas that fully engage customers has been our goal from the very beginning. Alternatively, we use extensive tools to target customers based on their needs, demands and values.